INTROVERT ≠ Shy + Quiet + Anti-Social

Are you an introvert?
Are you a shy guy/girl?

How much do you understand about introversion?

Definition of Introversion

"introvert definition" | Google Search
Google Search: "introvert definition"

Ask Google about the definition of "introvert", you'll get the result that says:
"a shy, reticent person; a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things."

A Vegetarian's Trip to Teluk Intan (Part 2/2)

5 Vegetarian Shops in Teluk Intan
Part 2: Vegetarian Foods

This is a follow-up post of  Top 11 Attractions of Teluk Intan; Part 1: Foods and Places.

This blog post is going to cover some, if not all, vegetarian restaurants in the town!

1. Huei Xin Vegetarian Restaurant(惠心素食馆)

Huei Xin Vegetarian Restaurant | Google Street View Image

GPS Coordinate:
4.007523, 101.021228
Lorong Mawar 11, Taman Juta Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak.
017-554 4403
Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

Huei Xin is situated beside of 81 Computer Shop, where you can see at your right side, as you are heading towards SMJK San Min secondary school.

A Vegetarian's Trip to Teluk Intan (Part 1/2)

Top 11 Attractions of Teluk Intan
Part 1: Foods and Places

This post is inspired by a colleague who is going to visit my hometown - Teluk Intan! As he is a vegetarian, I have found several vegetarian restaurant on the Internet.\

Also attach the GPS Coordinates of each place, for your convenience of searching!

Note: Part 1 consists of places to visit and foods to try for non-vegetarian.
Part 2 consists of vegetarian restaurants to visit in the town.

These places are some must-visit places in Teluk Intan!

1. Menara Condong(安顺斜塔)

GPS Coordinate:
4.025124, 101.019509
The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan |
Photo Credit:

For Snooker Fans: Tequila on YouTube!

Snooker is one of my favorite sports! And, if you love watching or playing snooker too, here is a YouTube channel that I must recommend to you.

Tequila on YouTube
Tequila | YouTube User
Tequila's profile photo

If you love snooker, I believe you will love his/her videos! All videos he/she posted are compilations of different scenes and moments, unusual shots, including players from snooker competitions - each video comes with a particular title or theme, alongside with well-matched music. Besides, there are also interviews in his/her collection.

Nobody knows who this guy/gal is, except that he/she names himself/herself Tequila online. However, I truly appreciate his/her efforts of promoting snooker in such a unique way!

Below are some of the most popular videos by Tequila.

JUST ONE STEP to Stop Your Friends to Send You Facebook Game Requests!

Actually you can play games without inviting me! :)

Beside the 2 Methods to Block Facebook Games in just 4 Steps, there are another method, a one-step & simple and direct way, to stop your friends to send you any future games requests.

That is by...