Me Time

As an introvert, it's very important for me to have a "me time", or commonly known as "alone time". It means spending time alone doing nothing or doing relaxing things. For me, it helps charging my "battery". Everyone need a "me time" to self-realize, self-evaluate, and to look back what have we done right and wrong.

What I do during my "me time"?
- cleaning room
- clearing up and throw away unused things
- mind wandering
- reading and writing while listening to soft music
- writing while listening to jazz music (currently doing)
- checking what I had to do but missed out doing.

I remembered one day when I was having a "me time" and go through some articles about relationship and then checking my old Instagram posts, I realized that the last time I had a hangout or short getaway with my girlfriend was 2 months ago. That was when I thought it is time to plan another short road trip or day trip with her. I am sure this is how people maintain relationship.

I am a slow pacer but I will do things my own way despite others' misunderstanding.

In fact, I still have many things pending that I hope to accomplish but due to the damn time and money constraint, I have to keep them delayed. How I wish I can accomplish the tasks soon!

Money Can't Buy Happiness

I would never disagree that money can't buy happiness, at least not at my current state. There are several stages in our life. As we go through each of the stages, we will have different belief, thinking, perspective and life goal.

Sometimes, I hate my life as I do not have smooth journey as compared to the others. I do not get any support and guidance from other people. Sometimes I would blame, why do I have to go through such toughness in life. But I believe we rip what we sow. Sometimes I feel restless and unmotivated, but then I just have to go on doing my best just for better tomorrow and future.

At my current state, telling me something like "money can't buy happiness" is totally a bullshit to me and it does not help at all. Money can definitely can help solve many things that cause my unhappiness.

I do not know when I can be able to get rid of my current situation and go onto the next stage of life. But I know that when I have sufficient money to live my everyday's life, I will have to realize that I will need to focus on something more than just money to live a happier life. Something like love, family, health or better achievement.

I do not know when, but I just have to work harder than most people everyday in order for me to reach the next life stage earlier and faster.

Since the day that I discovered I'm actually an introvert, and after some findings, I thought that it was great to be an introvert and that I should be proud as introvert. But now I don't think so anymore. I'm living in this extroverted world, and very few introverts can just live in their own ways. The problem is, I couldn't find fellow introverts around me. We had to learn to talk much, interacting with others, and we had to express ourselves to the outer world. Otherwise, we'd be considered loner or pessimist.

Therefore, I'm going to give up majority of my introverted personality and will learn to be more extroverted.

New way of life begun! Let's talk more..



人很奇怪. 对陌生人客气,对亲密的人发脾气.

Humans Are Weirds!








Trying is a must, resilience is the key!

I'm actually quite surprised that I tried new things recently. I've tried kickboxing, ice skating and swimming. Without her, I might not have the motivation to force myself doing all these. While doing these new activities, I found out that myself is actually able to do it but have never try to do it on my own will.

Kickboxing is an activity I have done for over a month long so far. So far so good. It's good for me to exercise, lose weight and build up body. And, before this, I have never been able to do push-ups for more than 5 times continuously - now I can consistently do it for almost 10 times. I'm practicing it for at least 5 times for 2 sessions daily.

Introvert/ISTJ vs Unplanned Invitations

As an ISTJ, where "J" (Judgement) refers to someone who tend to plan activities and make decisions early, I'm weak at handling sudden cases or unplanned invitations. While most of the times I would compromise and accept those unplanned invitations, I actually feel quite uncomfortable and energy-draining when I had to face it - another introvert's issue. What makes me more unhappy is that no one around me in real life seems to understand this. This is why many people would think I'm not flexible to their surprise invitations, or rather think I'm just not sociable - even though this is not the case.

I understand that the world is full of uncertainties and unplanned occasions. This is why I would think my MBTI personality - ISTJ - is the cause of the frustrations I get/face in real life.

I have started to get used to unplanned invitations since long ago. I'm not trying to surrender myself, I'm just thinking to change a behavior that might adversely affect my social life and friendships.

I need comprehension, my lovely friends!

From Penang to Sekinchan | Raya Holiday 2015

Sekinchan is one of the best destinations for tourist who sought for a one-day trip or weekend getaway in Malaysia! It is well known as a fishing village as well as paddy farming. As such, you would love it if you are a nature seeker.

After brief planning, I made my drive to there from Penang during this Raya holiday. This should be my first time travelling alone, and I had fun doing it. Looking forward to the next weekend getaway trip alone!

Landmark of Sekinchan

31.05.2015 Sunday Hiking

Waking up in the Sunday morning, it was raining but stopped when I was about to go out to drive to Botanical Garden for hiking. Looks like the rainy day did not stop my will to go hiking today! :)

While I was driving through Greenlane, it was still drizzing there, but again it stopped when I reach Penang Botanical Garden. Due to the weather, maybe, not many cars there so I could park my car at a nearer space. There were still a lot of people jogging and brisk walking at the garden.

Banner of a Zumba activity.


When I'm bored, I like to drive around with my car. I mean driving around with no specific direction or destination, just following my intuition.

I did this again tonight, driving alone in the highway. And I just let my mind wanders around everywhere.

There is an Eason Chan's song that can best describe this feeling: 人车誌. And, thanks to Wyman for writing this song lyrics!

我有车 我有压抑 需要发射
我与车 结合一体 感觉快些
我爱车 似个圣堂 开到半夜
跳上车 对着表板 祷告那些 难题
想想 如何 转弯 攀山 落斜

There is always a song to listen to or sing when you cannot describe that feeling! 👍