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For Snooker Fans: Tequila on YouTube!

Snooker is one of my favorite sports! And, if you love watching or playing snooker too, here is a YouTube channel that I must recommend to you.

Tequila on YouTube
Tequila | YouTube User
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If you love snooker, I believe you will love his/her videos! All videos he/she posted are compilations of different scenes and moments, unusual shots, including players from snooker competitions - each video comes with a particular title or theme, alongside with well-matched music. Besides, there are also interviews in his/her collection.

Nobody knows who this guy/gal is, except that he/she names himself/herself Tequila online. However, I truly appreciate his/her efforts of promoting snooker in such a unique way!

Below are some of the most popular videos by Tequila.