Money Can't Buy Happiness

I would never disagree that money can't buy happiness, at least not at my current state. There are several stages in our life. As we go through each of the stages, we will have different belief, thinking, perspective and life goal.

Sometimes, I hate my life as I do not have smooth journey as compared to the others. I do not get any support and guidance from other people. Sometimes I would blame, why do I have to go through such toughness in life. But I believe we rip what we sow. Sometimes I feel restless and unmotivated, but then I just have to go on doing my best just for better tomorrow and future.

At my current state, telling me something like "money can't buy happiness" is totally a bullshit to me and it does not help at all. Money can definitely can help solve many things that cause my unhappiness.

I do not know when I can be able to get rid of my current situation and go onto the next stage of life. But I know that when I have sufficient money to live my everyday's life, I will have to realize that I will need to focus on something more than just money to live a happier life. Something like love, family, health or better achievement.

I do not know when, but I just have to work harder than most people everyday in order for me to reach the next life stage earlier and faster.
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