Me Time

As an introvert, it's very important for me to have a "me time", or commonly known as "alone time". It means spending time alone doing nothing or doing relaxing things. For me, it helps charging my "battery". Everyone need a "me time" to self-realize, self-evaluate, and to look back what have we done right and wrong.

What I do during my "me time"?
- cleaning room
- clearing up and throw away unused things
- mind wandering
- reading and writing while listening to soft music
- writing while listening to jazz music (currently doing)
- checking what I had to do but missed out doing.

I remembered one day when I was having a "me time" and go through some articles about relationship and then checking my old Instagram posts, I realized that the last time I had a hangout or short getaway with my girlfriend was 2 months ago. That was when I thought it is time to plan another short road trip or day trip with her. I am sure this is how people maintain relationship.

I am a slow pacer but I will do things my own way despite others' misunderstanding.

In fact, I still have many things pending that I hope to accomplish but due to the damn time and money constraint, I have to keep them delayed. How I wish I can accomplish the tasks soon!
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