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Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长

Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长

Little Big Master (五个小孩的校长) is definitely one of the most touching movies I have ever watched. And, it's a adapted from a true story - which makes it even more inspiring! Had a great day today watching this movie at GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang, after hiking at Penang Hill this morning!

Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长


The story begins with a headmistress who resigned from her job at a high-profile kindergarten, after feeling fed up with the way the kindergarten operates - which only focus on students' academic results rather than mental development. After watching news about a kindergarten which is going to be closed down due to shortage of students. After meeting the five cute and obedient students, whose family cannot afford them to transfer to other better kindergarten, the passionate headmistress then decided to teach the children.

The Trailer

Resources for Guitar Beginners

I'm going to share few useful resources for guitar beginners.

1. Alan Robinson YouTube channel

Videos of teaching how to play guitar for a song in details, step-by-step. First, he shows all chords you're going to use in playing the song. Then, he'll start with playing the full song at normal speed - with singing. Finally, he'll play the full song at slower speed - so that you can catch up & play together once.


2. 吉他谱


A website full of Chinese songs' guitar tabs.


Guitar tabs for English songs.

4. Guitar Tuna - The Ultimate free Tuner

Very useful Windows Phone app (which I'm currently using) to tune your guitar and etc.

Also available in iOS store: Guitar Tuna

Happy Learning Guitar!



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