Introvert/ISTJ vs Unplanned Invitations

As an ISTJ, where "J" (Judgement) refers to someone who tend to plan activities and make decisions early, I'm weak at handling sudden cases or unplanned invitations. While most of the times I would compromise and accept those unplanned invitations, I actually feel quite uncomfortable and energy-draining when I had to face it - another introvert's issue. What makes me more unhappy is that no one around me in real life seems to understand this. This is why many people would think I'm not flexible to their surprise invitations, or rather think I'm just not sociable - even though this is not the case.

I understand that the world is full of uncertainties and unplanned occasions. This is why I would think my MBTI personality - ISTJ - is the cause of the frustrations I get/face in real life.

I have started to get used to unplanned invitations since long ago. I'm not trying to surrender myself, I'm just thinking to change a behavior that might adversely affect my social life and friendships.

I need comprehension, my lovely friends!

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