Trying is a must, resilience is the key!

I'm actually quite surprised that I tried new things recently. I've tried kickboxing, ice skating and swimming. Without her, I might not have the motivation to force myself doing all these. While doing these new activities, I found out that myself is actually able to do it but have never try to do it on my own will.

Kickboxing is an activity I have done for over a month long so far. So far so good. It's good for me to exercise, lose weight and build up body. And, before this, I have never been able to do push-ups for more than 5 times continuously - now I can consistently do it for almost 10 times. I'm practicing it for at least 5 times for 2 sessions daily.

As one grows old, the urge to try and the acceptance to failure and falling down keep increasing. I never imagined I would try ice skating. Looking at how relaxing and fun those young fellows skating or learning it, I know that it's always better to learn new things while you're young. They just try to have fun and ignore that they will fall down. But it's never too late/old for most new things. The first time I do it, I was dumb. But with others' guidance, I can quickly learn after understanding the skills and practices.

That's when I feel myself is actually capable to do many things. Just that I'm too ignorant to try new things. I must try more new things from now on.

To my grandma, swimming is a dangerous sports. This is because she heard of people losing lives drowning  while swimming - that's why she hindered me from playing with water, without even thinking of letting me learn swimming. So I just listened to her. Today, I also never imagined I'm already used to dipping in water.

It's never an easy thing to kick your own ass out from safety zone and deal with fears. In fact, my fears come from my grandma's fears - I'm living under her perspectives. I'm trying, trying, trying hard to living my own lives!
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