31.05.2015 Sunday Hiking

Waking up in the Sunday morning, it was raining but stopped when I was about to go out to drive to Botanical Garden for hiking. Looks like the rainy day did not stop my will to go hiking today! :)

While I was driving through Greenlane, it was still drizzing there, but again it stopped when I reach Penang Botanical Garden. Due to the weather, maybe, not many cars there so I could park my car at a nearer space. There were still a lot of people jogging and brisk walking at the garden.

Banner of a Zumba activity.

So I started my journey hiking up the hill at 7am. The road was wet and my stamina was not really good. It took me about 45 minutes to reach the Point 46. :( After 15 minutes of rest there, I continued my journey to the Point 84. Of course, the path from Point 46 to 84 is not steep at all, so I could reach there in less than 30 minutes.

Took a rest at Point 46.

Along the way, you will see many other fellow hikers and cyclists who would greet you morning although we do not know each other. This time, I noticed few of the cyclists who wear sports shirt that writes "TEST YOUR LIMIT". This makes me ponder on the quote. Hmm..

Point 84.

There used to be an uncle providing free tea or water to the public, before the landslide happened. That's why you can see "AWAS" signboard there. There used to be a happening rest and gather place for us hikers and cyclists.

Due to my weak stamina and bad weather which made my mood bad also, I decided to just hike down - which is my first time doing so. Normally I would hike to the top. :(

After reached and took a 10 minutes' rest at Point 46, I decided to take a new path which I've seen many times before but have never hike through. You'll easily notice the other road while you take your rest at Point 46.

The view, at the new path.

The new path full of staircases I went by for the first time today.

I don't know how to call it, so might as well just let me call it "the new path".

Unlike the tar road I normally take, you'll have to hike down using the hundreds of staircases. From the beginning till the end of the staircase path, you'll eventually reach somehere in Botanical Garden.

It was a new experience and great exploration. Ocassionally, I did new discovery again today. Well, I hope I can do more different kinds of explorations fron today onwards. TEST YOUR LIMIT huh? I think the quote in the cyclists' shirt inspired me, or maybe somebody else does? Hmm..

Finally, my hiking journey today ends with a chocolate with peanut topping I bought at Botanical Garden's car park.

I told her to put more peanuts on the topping. Yummy!

Hiking is always a good activity to do when you want to distract your thoughts or over-thinking. But the fact is, you might as well do it when you want to make some decision alone. After today's hike, I still unable to make a firm decision on that matter. Feeling helpless!
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