Let's Blog!

Back to my University time I used to have some friends who blog. But as the social media become so popular and convenient, they have turned to using social media, all of them have stopped writing blog.

One thing I love about blogging is it allows us to write from our heart, people write what they don't usually tell everyone, except maybe their closest friends. When you know them in real life, they might not tell you their thoughts and real feelings. Instead, some would prefer to write on their blogs because they feel they don't know how to or cannot tell people. Some are even reluctant to tell their friends. That's when blogs come in place - for them to write.

They expect nobody would purposely go to their blogs just to read them complaining or mumbling about very random things or people. As such, ones should be more comfortable to write their feelings down in blog. Anyway, only people who really care would like read your boring diary!

As my good friends always say, I'm a good listener. Thus, I'm one of the million who would still read my friends' blogs. Really #oldskool I know!

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