30/5/2015, 5.25AM.
I was listening to radio on Penang bridge, playing this song:

Let's Blog!

Back to my University time I used to have some friends who blog. But as the social media become so popular and convenient, they have turned to using social media, all of them have stopped writing blog.

One thing I love about blogging is it allows us to write from our heart, people write what they don't usually tell everyone, except maybe their closest friends. When you know them in real life, they might not tell you their thoughts and real feelings. Instead, some would prefer to write on their blogs because they feel they don't know how to or cannot tell people. Some are even reluctant to tell their friends. That's when blogs come in place - for them to write.

They expect nobody would purposely go to their blogs just to read them complaining or mumbling about very random things or people. As such, ones should be more comfortable to write their feelings down in blog. Anyway, only people who really care would like read your boring diary!

As my good friends always say, I'm a good listener. Thus, I'm one of the million who would still read my friends' blogs. Really #oldskool I know!

Childhood memory - Mini 4WD Racing Car

A school friend shared a photo which reminds me of my childhood - a Mini 4WD Car!

During primary school, me and my classmates used to be fascinated about this mini racing car. I can still remember clearly that it was sold at RM4.90 each. My daily pocket money was RM2 per day, which is enough for us to spend at school canteen for our breakfast. By the way, a bowl of mee soup was only RM1, and RM0.50 for a cup of drink. In order to save enough money to buy the mini 4WD car, we would skip buying drink at canteen. After doing so for 5 days, we would then have enough money to buy the car!


Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长

Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长

Little Big Master (五个小孩的校长) is definitely one of the most touching movies I have ever watched. And, it's a adapted from a true story - which makes it even more inspiring! Had a great day today watching this movie at GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang, after hiking at Penang Hill this morning!

Little Big Master 五个小孩的校长


The story begins with a headmistress who resigned from her job at a high-profile kindergarten, after feeling fed up with the way the kindergarten operates - which only focus on students' academic results rather than mental development. After watching news about a kindergarten which is going to be closed down due to shortage of students. After meeting the five cute and obedient students, whose family cannot afford them to transfer to other better kindergarten, the passionate headmistress then decided to teach the children.

The Trailer

Happy Sunday

How a happy weekend should be like? I bet it differs from man to man.

Morning is always the most important and significant time of a day. I like to spend morning in my own way. Waking up very early and go for jog, then have breakfast with a cup of coffee/nescafe while reading newspaper (better without smoking >.<' . My favorite column: Sunday Starters in The Star newspaper published every Sunday. Then, go home to do house cores, e.g. cleaning up room, washing clothes, etc. Next, have a shower to freshen myself and then take a nap.

The rest of the day would be reading or movie time and prepare for the next working day a.k.a. Monday Blue.


That's how happiness means to me. #simplelife

Hiking in Penang - Cherok Tokun Hill

Hiking has became one of my favorite exercises since I moved to Penang. Few hiking spots where I went to, so far, are Penang Hill, Cherok Tokun hill, and Berapit hill. Sometimes I hike alone, although most of the times I would hike along with friends - both of which I'm fine with. When you hike with friends, you chat and laugh together, and you can have more motivation especially when you feel like giving up. When hiking alone, the good things are you can focus on enjoying the surrounding environment and for self-thinking.

This morning I went to hiking at Cherok Tokun hill, alone. And, when you are alone, you can have more time to enjoy the beautiful scene and watching fellow hikers who come in group or family.

#Diary #20150330

Damn it. Can't sleep pulak. So here I am to write.

Last few days were enjoying and memorable, with a short trip to Genting Highlands and attending company's annual dinner at One World Hotel.

On Friday, there was a short one-night trip to Genting, where I remember the last time I went there was like a decade ago with my family. Which that time I was still an under-age to enter into the casino. Instead, I was wandering outside of the casino with my cousin brother. This time we did enter into the casino, though did not gamble. Oh my first time! However, our whole trip there were like focusing on eating and walking around, not to mention playing games in the Arena and playing bowling and pool. So thankful that I was brought by my colleagues to these adventures and exploration. They must have a very happy childhood.

Penang Book Fair 2015 - The Big Bad Wolf Sale

PENANG Here We Come | The BIG BAD WOLF Sale 2015

Calling all book lovers! The Big Bad Wolf Sale is back in Penang, Malaysia again! Do not miss out this 10-day book fair at Penang Times Square, with additional 5% discount for Hong Leong credit cardholders.

Kia Si Lang Low Prices | The BIG BAD WOLF Sale 2015

Resources for Guitar Beginners

I'm going to share few useful resources for guitar beginners.

1. Alan Robinson YouTube channel

Videos of teaching how to play guitar for a song in details, step-by-step. First, he shows all chords you're going to use in playing the song. Then, he'll start with playing the full song at normal speed - with singing. Finally, he'll play the full song at slower speed - so that you can catch up & play together once.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/guitartutorman/featured
Website: http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk/

2. 吉他谱 www.jitapu.com

吉他谱 www.jitapu.com

A website full of Chinese songs' guitar tabs.

3. ultimateGuitar.com

Guitar tabs for English songs.

4. Guitar Tuna - The Ultimate free Tuner

Very useful Windows Phone app (which I'm currently using) to tune your guitar and etc.

Also available in iOS store: Guitar Tuna

Happy Learning Guitar!



先生贵性 | 简介、人物关系
先生贵性 | 简介、人物关系